I’m very passionate about actually doing stuff and getting things done. If you only have a temporary task which you want completed successfully or if you want to try out a new business idea as a project first, then we should talk. If parts of your company need a jump start or if you see an isolated topic and want it dealt with from the outside to begin with, then you should definitely get in touch with me.

I’m happy to look after things for you as a project manager of a clearly defined mission, or take over responsibility as an interim until you have found your ideal solution. Most of my clients use me particularly with spin-offs, new business units, or diversifications. By using me as an outsider for a limited time and budget, your risk as an entrepreneur remains calculable.

By the way: training your employees during any project phase is part of what I offer, too. This way, they can take over responsibility later, and the know-how remains within your company.