• With over 20 years of experience in the media, and 15 of them in senior positions, I am one of the few established media managers in Germany who have worked as an executive in different genres. My experience in radio, mobile TV, and the largest German multichannel network for YouTube artists enables me to consult companies 360° and sustainably.
  • A change in perspective really helps to see the next steps. Having worked both in stock-listed companies as well as ambitious start-ups, I’m familiar with a variety of company structures – including their particularities, challenges and opportunities.
  • I am all for honest and clear communication, and I’m known to have the certain grasp it sometimes takes to get things done. I particularly care about the efficient, motivating and well-structured functioning of organisations within a clear, appreciative and focused work environment.
  • I work as an executive coach to both experienced managers as well as newly appointed leaders, creatives and artists, particularly in audio and video, as well as producers. I enjoy being a sparring partner for entrepreneurial and organisational questions.
  • My education is broad: master of arts in linguistics, profesional journalistic training, years of operational and strategic work – including responsibility for personnel and budget -, additional qualification in business administration, advanced further education in work-related and motivational psychology.
  • I’m fluent in three languages (French, English and German). 

For more information, please download my complete CV.