I offer my services not only to media companies, but to any company interested in sustainably influencing how they are perceived in the digital media world. 

Non-German entrepreneurs and investors often use me as their man on the ground here, or in projects in Berlin’s start-up ecosystem. Mostly, I serve as a scout, helping to find the potential gold nuggets for them, or as an operational midwife, transforming a great idea hands-on into a solid business. Feel free to get in touch with me directly if this is what you’re looking for.

  • Management: I deliver results for a project limited either by time or goal. From the definition of targets, to strategy and personnel, project management and the monitoring of success – and you can consider it done. I help with the thinking and the doing. Why not profit from the mistakes that I have made in many years of leadership? You can now, because I ask the questions that really need to be asked (coaching), or you send me into the kitchen when it’s too hot for others (management).
  • Consulting: Heard that one? Two consultants meet, one says “You’re doing great, how am I doing?”
    Believe me: I know from experience that the sweetest girl doesn’t go to the dance with the prettiest boy, neither with the richest, and nor with the smartest. She will always pick the guy who can tell the best stories. I can help you make your product, your programming, or your service do just that: fascinate the right one.
  • Coaching: As a certified systemic coach of artop Institute to the Humboldt University of Berlin, I accompany youngsters and old-timers when they are exploring their own goals and motives. Leadership can be learned. From task and time management to the most complicated political conflicts any enterprise might face: Problems, questions and obstacles in the professional context are tackled through clear analysis, constructive solutions, and practical steps of development. This form of coaching is possible for any industry.
  • Speaker: I admit it, I like the stage. I enjoy communication, as much as I enjoy speaking in front of people. And when I do, I make sure I have something to say. I’m not afraid of big names, important topics, or arguable statements. If you are looking for shallow talk and feel good blah blah – please look somewhere else. With me it’ll be crystal clear and to the point – but always great fun.