Entertainment, journalism, communication, digital and mobile, leadership and coaching – these are the worlds in which I feel at home. The focus of my work is almost radically with the consumer, the audience, the buyer.

My approach resonates within the following three areas:

  1. What’s the story? Whether it’s YouTube videos, or strawberry yoghurt, a radio morning show or the latest server technology: you’re only successful if you know what your story is – both in a direct and in a figurative sense. To know exactly why you do something and what you don’t do, to know your audience and focus all you do fully in line with this knowledge – that not only helps with storytelling, but with developing and implementing the most successful strategy too.
  2. The world is mobile and digital. End of transmission? That was yesterday. We live in a new time, where there is no after-work – and your competitors from all over the world just have to walk through open doors. This isn’t always nice, but it is very true. In order to survive, it’s essential to adapt to that change. It’s an entrepreneurial challenge to find a strategy and execute it relentlessly if you want to make sure you remain relevant to those whom you want to buy your product, use your service, or consume your program.
  3. Leadership and organisation of work. The above profoundly changes the way we work, and the way we live. What qualifications, workflows, responsibilities or hierarchies will be needed today and tomorrow? How do we build teams define benchmarks in this environment? And, most importantly, how do we find, train and appreciate the right people who will make sure the result of our work is more than the sum of its parts?

These are the questions that call for answers, and to which I devote my consulting work:
From classic programming consultation for media companies (research, strategy, operational execution), product strategy and storytelling (also for FMCG, customer services etc.), sales marketing and sales strategy, agency work, creation of targeted content and special promotions, to integrated programming concepts, recruitment of specialised staff and efficient team workshops that deliver results.

First, we’ll have a good and honest look at your product. And then, together, decide on a strategy which will lead us to our goal. I’m with you each step of the way. You and your team will profit from the fact I can protect you from all the mistakes I made. And you profit from me sharing all my positive experiences with you.