Gone are the days when employees simply did what they were told. No one who is really excellent today only works for money alone. I am convinced the potential of the workplace as a holistic system hasn’t been exploited at all by most companies. This has nothing to do with your level of career or seniority. The new digital world provides a multitude of challenges for individuals, for working groups/teams, for the exchange between specialists (even across disciplines), as well as for sustainable leadership structures:

  • As a newly appointed leader, I honestly don’t know how “to lead” actually works.
  • I’m unhappy about my work situation. What can I do?
  • I’m the first one to be in the office in the mroning, and I’m the last one to leave. Every day. How can I change that?
  • An important meeting with my boss is coming up regarding my career. How can I be prepared?
  • What is the next level in my career? How can I reach it?
  • I just don’t get along with my boss/colleagues/employees. What can I do?
  • I’m a seasoned leader, yet I’m facing complex challenges, both in the workplace and privately. Don’t I see the wood for all the trees? Who gives me a new perspective on my wood, or its trees? Who can give me reliable support, and be by my side genuinely, so that I don’t have to fear my career will suffer?

As a certified systemic coach of artop, Institute at the Humboldt University Berlin, I offer a fresh and honest perspective, and I stimulate emotional and cognitive self-organisation. Your own goals and motives are looked at through proven hands-on techniques, then we develop strategies to fulfil the individual professional demand each person has. Challenges and obstacles in a professional context are tackled with constructive measures which we develop together, in close and risk-free cooperation.

Those who already know me know that what you get from me is rather a concise statement than 10 minutes of feel good banter.