The largest taxi company ever doesn’t own a single car.
The global leader for overnight stays doesn’t have a single bed.
Today’s most important producer of vidual entertainment is not a Hollywood studio, but the film rental company – and a virtual one at that.
When Amazon acquired the online broadcasting rights for the German Bundesliga in the spring of 2016, it was historic. For the first time it wasn’t a media company, but a so-called disruptive enterprise that had secured those very valuable rights. A former online book shop: Amazon. Books. Of all media, they started with books.

We are not facing ground-breaking and mind-blowing change, we are already in the middle of it (of course, Amazon is already one of the largest producers of content, films and series in the United States). If that is not a revolution, then I don’t know what is.

So, how exactly can I support you?

I help you and your company to manage change. Be it change because of digitalization or disruption, or the necessity to change because your market, your employees, their needs and your budget change. I accompany enterprises into the digital future, especially the future of digital and mobile media, and communications. This future is coming at us faster and faster, and it doesn’t wait for anyone. Classic questions along the way are:

  • Content: What’s my story, and how do I narrate my product? Which content is relevant for my target?
  • Target: When your product is analogue, like historically speaking almost any product is, how exactly do you then get a hold of a digital audience? Come to speak of it, who exactly is the digital audience? Do we really have to care? And if yes: how?
  • Sales: Clients are becoming more and more demanding, need specific return on invest, know more and more digital, want more and more mobile. Does our sales department have enough training? Do our people know enough? And does the product we are selling fulfil the needs of our clients in this new world?
  • Formats: How do we handle these new expectations and those new ways of distribution? Does what we offer, our story, still fit? How may we benefit even more from this new environment?
  • Technical: How exactly does all of this work, technically speaking? Do we need more moving images? And if yes: how do we get this done?
  • Management: What exactly do we have to do now, while making sure at the same time we’re not burning tons of money? Or, just as important: How do we make sure we don’t miss out on relevant developments, which may be leaving us with no users, no clients, or no more friends the next morning?
  • And last but not least: How do we make sure our colleagues and employees are on board with us? What consequences and effects does the new digital world have on our structures, our workflows and our corporate culture? How do I manage people who are half my age, but know at least twice as much as I do?

So: let’s get to it!